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Becpak Sp. z o.o. specializes in the production of high-quality tapes, cartons and plastic packaging. We offer customized solutions for a variety of customer needs, providing reliable packaging for your products.

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Manufacturer of printed tape

We can help you choose the right tapes tailored to your company’s needs. Together we will protect your products for transportation and storage. We will also provide you with full purchasing and after-sales support. You can count on us!

Solvent printed tapes

They are characterized by the best adhesive properties. These are tapes designed for bonding in both high and low (minus) temperatures – for example, for use in refrigerated warehouses. Natural rubber packaging tapes are also moisture-resistant. A characteristic feature of such printed tapes is their high durability. They are saturated with permanent adhesives, so they are ideal for packing and marking packages, parcels and cartons for transports and removals. The use of natural rubber makes the printed tapes resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures.

Wykonujemy taśmy pakowe w szerokościach: 18 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm, 48 mm, 72 mm i 144 mm

Length: the most popular lengths are 66 y and 132 y, and machine strips 990 mb

Hot Melt printed adhesive tape

It is characterized by good adhesive properties. These are tapes designed for gluing cartons or films. These tapes perform best at temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius. These tapes are best suited for use with packages and cartons of medium weight. Thanks to the use of rubber and natural solvents, printed adhesive tapes have considerable tensile strength. They can be glued to any type of surface.

Wykonujemy taśmy klejące z nadrukiem w szerokościach: 18 mm, 24 mm, 36 mm, 48 mm, 72 mm i 144 mm

Length: the most popular lengths are 66 y and 132 y, and machine strips 990 mb.

Packaging tape with logo

Solvent adhesive logo packaging tape is characterized by very good adhesive properties. PVC tape is QUIET when unwinding. They are used to seal any cartons, foils in places where there are a lot of production workers and attention is paid to noise. Logo packing tape can be used in cold stores and are also moisture resistant. The logo packaging tapes we offer are also resistant to low temperatures; their range of correct operation is 100 degrees celsius, is between -50 and 50 degrees Celsius. Thanks to the possibility of printing logos on the tape, we can use them, for example, in cold stores and warehouses to mark the goods of our company.

Wykonujemy taśmy pakowe z nadrukiem w szerokościach: 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm i 150 mm

Length: the most popular lengths are 66 y and 132 y

Fencing tapes (without adhesive)

Fencing tapes are used for securing or marking dangerous places or marking the area where, for example, sports competitions or other outdoor events take place. This type of tape with the company’s logo also plays an advertising role. Using durable materials, the company’s logo tapes can be used repeatedly for marking or cordoning off. Another use for them is in renovation or storage work.

The company logo on the tape can be any, previously prepared by our graphic designers.

We make tapes in widths of 100 mm and 150 mm and lengths according to customer requirements (the standard is 1000 mb).

Paper tapes

Printed paper tapes are the perfect solution for those who value ecology and aesthetics in packaging. Available in a variety of winding lengths, they allow you to adapt to your individual needs and requirements. The ability to print on kraft or white tape allows for additional personalization, making them ideal for advertising or gift wrapping applications. Their eco-friendly nature, combined with high quality printing, makes them an attractive alternative to traditional packaging tapes.

We make printed adhesive tapes in widths: 48 mm, 72 mm and 144 mm

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Printed tapes

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I don’t think anyone needs to be convinced that advertising is a lever of commerce. This saying has been repeated by entrepreneurs for a very long time indeed. The right advertising will make customers regularly learn about the existence of a particular company, the services or products it offers. Nowadays, there are really a lot of ways to advertise. Among those that do not require a lot of money, yet provide really very good results are advertising tapes.

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Printed packaging tapes

We are a leading manufacturer of printed packaging tapes. Our annual production is an impressive 2,000,000 units, which guarantees us a stable position in the market. Our company places great emphasis on quality, so each tape is carefully inspected before it leaves our factory. In addition, we are committed to fast order processing to deliver products to our customers in a short period of time. With our experience and advanced equipment, we are able to meet even the most demanding expectations. Choose our printed packaging tapes and enjoy reliable packaging solutions.

Printed tapes are neglected by many entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, it turns out that it is also worth betting on this low-cost form of advertising. This is undoubtedly ideal for all those who have decided to conduct online sales. Every product in a store operating online should be properly packaged before being delivered to the customer. It is a good idea to protect the carton from uncontrolled opening with printed tape. This is an easy way for the courier or letter carrier to already know what company the package is from. As a result, not only the recipient of the package learns about the company, but also the people involved in delivering it. To realize how large a group of people printed packing tape reaches, consider how many hands such a package must pass through before it reaches our hands.

Printed adhesive tape works well regardless of the profile of the company that decides to bet on it. You can put a logo on it, whether it’s a cosmetics store, a grocery store or an online bookstore. So there is basically no limit to the scope of application of such tape. Printed tape can contain not only the logo itself. A phone number or email address can also be included on request. As a result, it is easy to ensure that far more people communicate with our company.

Printed packaging tapes are really durable. The glue that is on their underside is really very strong. As a result, you don’t have to worry about the tape peeling off. Any cardboard box secured with it is really safe. So when you send a package secured by adhesive tape with your logo on it, you should not worry that its contents will not be sufficiently protected.

Printed packaging tape can prove to be a really aesthetically pleasing embellishment to any package that goes to a customer. It all depends only on one’s imagination – companies offering printed adhesive tapes leave their customers free to choose the motifs placed on the tape.

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